Chapter Four: Here's to the Here and Now

Bring on the cherry blossom

It's only just gotten dark outside and it's 6pm. I'm a winter girl through and through but my goodness am I ready for spring now. I'm so excited. No can do though apparently. Have you heard the 'Beast from the East' returns this weekend? Please no! The Beast from the East! The last time I… Continue reading Bring on the cherry blossom

Chapter Four: Here's to the Here and Now

To infinity and beyond

Drinking tea and hoping that with tea comes much blogspiration because I've no idea where to start. If you're a close friend of mine I've probably had a rant or a grumble at you this week. Its been one of them weeks. I've oozed negativity. So much so, when it came to yoga on Wednesday… Continue reading To infinity and beyond