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Brighton, England

I spent last weekend in Brighton with four girl friends, celebrating my best friend's birthday and I fell in love with the place and while I was telling a friend this over lunch today, it occurred me I should blog about it; tell the world what a great place it is! I arrived in Brighton… Continue reading Brighton, England

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10 interview tips

I'm no expert, but I spent a lot of time surfing the internet in search of interview help before I went along to my first one yesterday. I was a nervous wreck of course and it would have really helped to have some comforting advice all in one place. Some of these things I found… Continue reading 10 interview tips

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10 things you ought to know if you don’t already

One - Bread is bad for ducks. You should feed them sweetcorn instead. Two - Hugs release hormones that make you happy. It has been been scientifically proven that 8 hugs a day will make you the happiest human you can be.  Three - Everyone gets tummy rolls when they sit down no matter how slim they… Continue reading 10 things you ought to know if you don’t already